Pinlock Explained

The Pinlock system is based on three basic principles which together:

  1. Moisture absorbing material — Unlike the visor, the Pinlock insert is made out of a soft, porous plastic.
  2. Material thickness — Because thicker material absorbs more moisture and offers more impact protection.
  3. Double lens system — The air-tight pocket in between the Pinlock insert and the face shield creates an extra insulation layer further increasing the anti-fogging properties of the total system. Fogging up is a thing of the past!

Pinlock inserts are created out of a moisture absorbing plastic. The silicone seal on the insert creates an airtight pocket between the visor and insert. The Pinlock insert is placed between two adjustable eccentric pins, making it easy to install or switch inserts as weather conditions change. 

Pinlock Antifog Inserts 

Pinlock Choice

The Pinlock is a very flexible system, allowing you to switch the colour of your insert adjusting to changing weather conditions. You can click one insert out and put the next one in.

 Clear Pinlock Insert

Clear Insert
For all type of weather conditions.

 Light Tint Pinlock Insert Light Tinted Insert
Use this light-tinted insert with sunny weather. Recommended for day time use only.
Orange Insert
Offers high contrast and enhances low light image resolution. Recommended for track use only.
Yellow Pinlock Insert Yellow Insert
Gives you that high contrast vision, ideal in misty and rainy weather. Recommended for day time use only.
Dark Tint Pinlock Insert Dark Tinted Insert
For bright sunny days, Recommended for track use only.
 Pinlock Protec Insert Protec Tint Insert
UV Reactive antifog insert, can be used night and day.


Pinlock Fitting & Care Instructions

The Pinlock® fog free insert lens is created out of a
moisture absorbing plastic. The Pinlock® creates an air
tight double visor. The pins are eccentric, which means
that the shaft of the pin is positioned off-center. This
enables the user to increase or decrease the tension on
the insert by turning the pins, allowing the silicone seal to
have a perfect fit.

Please notice! The Pinlock® fog free insert is less resistant to
scratching then the original visor!

1) Remove the original visor from the helmet as shown in
the helmet manufacturers’ instructions. (diag. A)
2) Flex the original visor carefully until there is no
more tension on the Pinlock® insert. Carefully remove the
Pinlock® insert from its position. (diag.B)

Only clean the Pinlock® fog free insert and the original visor
using liquid green soap, lukewarm water and a soft moist
Allow the insert and the visor to dry naturally before
reassembling them.


3) Flex the original visor (step 2/ diag. B) and click the
Pinlock® insert between the two pins and allow the original
visor to return to its curved shape.
The entire perimeter of the silicone seal should be in firm
contact with the original visor. (diag. D/ diag. E)

4) Remove the Pinlock® insert (see step 2).
5) Adjust the pins by pushing them outwards and turning
them with your fingers before pushing them back.(diag. C)
6) Repeat step 3.
7) Allow the original visor to return to its curved
shape and fit it back on the helmet.
8) Remove the protective film from the Pinlock® insert.
9) Fit the visor back on the helmet.
While riding, the possibility exists that the enormous
pressure of the wind drives moisture between the insert and
the original visor. That is why we strongly recommend that
you always close the visor when riding.
Nevertheless, if moisture penetrates inside the air
tight chamber, the Pinlock® insert should be removed from
the original visor. Refit the lens to the visor after both
have dried naturally.

We only guarantee optical purity and production defects
thet are visible after removal of the protective film (prior
to fitting the original visor to the helmet). Any claims
under the guarantee must be submitted within 8 days after
Pinlock® has international patent protection and
is a registered brand name.
Further patents have been applied for.


Pinlock Fitting Guide  Pinlock Fitting Guide




Pinlock Fitting Guide  Pinlock Fitting Guide





Pinlock Fitting Guide

Pinlock Tested

In a test conducted independent by an ECE22/05 certified laboratory, Pinlock inserts preformed far superior then the competition. Each of the products was subjected to the optional mist retardant test incorporated in the European helmet standard ECE22/05. A fog delay of 20 seconds or more result in passing the test. The results were the overall average of many tests.

Pinlock Fitting Guide


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